The Invitation to Joyp. ix
Introductionp. 1
Arrival: We Are Fragile Creaturesp. 11
Day 1The Nature of True Joyp. 27
Why Are You Not Morose?p. 29
Nothing Beautiful Comes Without Some Sufferingp. 43
Have You Renounced Pleasure?p. 51
Our Greatest Joyp. 59
Lunch: The Meeting of Two Mischievous People Is Wonderfulp. 67
Days 2&3The Obstacles to Joyp. 81
You Are a Masterpiece in the Makingp. 83
Fear, Stress, and Anxiety: I Would Be Very Nervousp. 93
Frustration and Anger: I Would Shoutp. 101
Sadness and Grief: The Hard Times Knit Us More Closely Togetherp. 109
Despair: The World Is in Such Turmoilp. 115
Loneliness: No Need for Introductionp. 125
Envy: That Guy Goes Past Yet Again in His Mercedes-Benzp. 135
Suffering and Adversity: Passing through Difficultiesp. 145
Illness and Fear of Death: I Prefer to Go to Hellp. 159
Meditation: Now I'll Tell You a Secret Thingp. 171
Days 4&5The Eight Pillars of Joyp. 191
1Perspective: There Are Many Different Anglesp. 193
2Humility: I Tried to Look Humble and Modestp. 203
3Humor: Laughter, Joking Is Much Betterp. 215
4Acceptance: The Only Place Where Change Can Beginp. 223
5Forgiveness: Freeing Ourselves from the Pastp. 229
6Gratitude: I Am Fortunate to Be Alivep. 241
7Compassion: Something We Want to Becomep. 251
8Generosity: We Are Filled with Joyp. 263
Celebration: Dancing in the Streets of Tibetp. 277
Departure: A Final Goodbyep. 291
Joy Practicesp. 307
Acknowledgmentsp. 349