Forewordp. ix
Acknowledgmentsp. xi
Part IFirst Things First
1Breast Imaging: Until There Is a Cure: The Unknown Frontier in Women's Healthp. 3
2The Screening Mammogram Guidelines Controversy: What You Absolutely Must Know: Addressing the Elephant in the Room, and the Case for Tomosynthesisp. 11
Part IIThe Who
3You! How You Impact Your Care: Your Responsibilities and Information You Need to Knowp. 23
4The Breast Imaging Team: Radiologist, Technologists, and Navigatorp. 32
5The Rulers of Mammoland: MQSA, ACR, SBI, and the Other ABCs of Imagingp. 36
6Your Referring Doctor: The Delicate Balance of the Referral-Consult Relationshipp. 38
Part IIIThe What
7The Tools of Breast Imaging: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Wordsp. 43
Part IVThe Why
8How It All Works: An Overview: A Bird's-Eye View of the Whole Processp. 53
9How It All Works: The Screening Evaluation: Screening the Asymptomatic Population and Saving Livesp. 56
10How It All Works: The Diagnostic Evaluation: Symptomatic Patients and the Journey to the Correct Diagnosisp. 66
11Breast Urgent-cies: This Cannot Wait Until Tomorrow!p. 111
12You Need a Biopsy-Don't Panic!: Image-Guided Needle Biopsy: A Remarkable Advance in Technology and Patient Carep. 114
13You Do Not Have Breast Cancer: The Value of a Benign Evaluationp. 127
14You Have Been Diagnosed With Breast Cancer: The Critical Role of Radiology in Treatment Planning and Follow-upp. 139
Part VOther Considerations
15Special Cases: Pregnancy, Lactation, Breast Implants, Lymphoproliferative Disorders and Male Breast Cancerp. 151
16How Does Your Report Get to You and Your Doctor?: No News Is Not Necessarily Good Newsp. 156
17Patients' Questions About the Imaging Evaluation: Learning More Can Save Your Lifep. 159
Part VIBreast Imaging Meets the Outside World
18Medicolegal Issues and Liability: Can Breast Imaging Survive the Liability Crisis?p. 167
19Safety Issues in Mammography and Breast Imaging: Assessing the Risk-Benefit Ratiop. 169
20The Breast Density Discussion: Information versus Notificationp. 173
Glossary 1Topics in Breast Imaging: Terminology 101p. 179
Glossary 2Breast Health Vocabulary: Quick Reference, Alphabeticalp. 197
Bibliographyp. 209
Indexp. 215