II Discover Moses and the Bulrushersp. 1
IIOur Gang's Dark Oathp. 7
IIIWe Ambuscade the A-rabsp. 16
IVThe Hair-Ball Oraclep. 23
VPap Starts In on a New Lifep. 29
VIPap Struggles with the Death Angelp. 36
VIII Fool Pap and Get Awayp. 46
VIIII Spare Miss Watson's Jimp. 56
IXThe House of Death Floats Byp. 72
XWhat Comes of Handlin' Snakeskinp. 78
XIThey're After Us!p. 84
XII"Better Let Blame' Well Alone"p. 95
XIIIHonest Loot from the "Walter Scott"p. 106
XIVWas Solomon Wise?p. 114
XVFooling Poor Old Jimp. 121
XVIThe Rattlesnake Skin Does Its Workp. 130
XVIIThe Grangerfords Take Me Inp. 143
XVIIIWhy Harney Rode Away for His Hatp. 156
XIXThe Duke and the Dauphin Come Aboardp. 174
XXWhat Royalty Did to Parkvillep. 187
XXIAn Arkansaw Difficultyp. 200
XXIIWhy the Lynching Bee Failedp. 214
XXIIIThe Orneriness of Kingsp. 223
XXIVThe King Turns Parsonp. 232
XXVAll Full of Tears and Flapdoodlep. 241
XXVII Steal the King's Plunderp. 252
XXVIIDead Peter Has His Goldp. 264
XXVIIIOverreaching Don't Payp. 274
XXIXI Light Out in the Stormp. 288
XXXThe Gold Saves the Thievesp. 302
XXXIYou Can't Pray a Liep. 308
XXXIII Have a New Namep. 322
XXXIIIThe Pitiful Ending of Royaltyp. 331
XXXIVWe Cheer Up Jimp. 342
XXXVDark, Deep-laid Plansp. 351
XXXVITrying to Help Jimp. 362
XXXVIIJim Gets His Witch Piep. 370
XXXVIII"Here a Captive Heart Busted"p. 380
XXXIXTom Writes Nonnamous Lettersp. 390
XLA Mixed-up and Splendid Rescuep. 398
XLI"Must 'A' Been Sperits"p. 407
XLIIWhy They Didn't Hang Jimp. 417
Chapter the Last: Nothing More to Writep. 429